Our Head Coach

Our Head Coach

Olympia Swimming Club Head Coach (Senior Coach)

From the age of eight, our head coach found love in the art of swimming, and from then on, she had acquired various experiences and gone through hardships that have helped her become the high level swimmer and professional swimming coach that she is today.

She became a swimming coach in the Singapore Swimming Association and have trained big names in the swimming industry. To name a few, we have Quah Ting Wen, Dzulhaili, Bin Mohamed, Nicolas Ho, Chriselle Koh, Liang Chun Hui Khoonie, Clement Lim, Charmaine Tan and Chow Yan Tang. These are some of Singapore’s top swimmers that she is proud to have trained.

In 2005, she became a Senior Swimming Coach in the Chinese Swimming Club. There, she had the opportunity to train big names like Koh Hui Yu, Cheryl Lim, Arren Quek, Lionel Khoo, Richard Chng, Chrisell Koh, Tiffany Koh, Joshua Ling, Chery Goh and Cheery Tan. Some of those have reached the national and international level in competitions and have also participated in the 25th and 26th SEA Games, 1st Youth Olympic Games, 1st ASIAN Youth Games, and more.

In August 2012, she decided to start her own swimming club – the Olympia Swimming Club. From then onwards, it became her mission to make positive and innovative changes in the swimming industry.