Not sure if you want to take up lessons with the Olympia Swimming Club? Let us convince you with what our students and parents have to say about us!

My son Johnny’s technique improved a lot since he is swimming semi-competitive classes three times per week with Coach Sophia. Coach Sophia constant guidance in focussing on his strength, discipline and technique had made him a much more confident swimmer. The swimming programme has been great so far and we are very satisfied with his progress.

Johnny’s Mum

Coach Fan from Olympia Swimming Club is very professional when coaching the swimmers. She understands the strength and weaknesses of her students. Under the guidance of Coach Fan, my son is able to further improve his timing with proper strokes and techniques. We sincerely thank her for all her patience, professionalism and efforts spent on her swimmers during their training. Her passion for swimming has won many parent’s hearts. We highly recommend Coach Fan and her Club Olympia Swimming Club (OSC) to parents who are serious about their children learning how to swim using proper techniques.

Parents of Phoon E-kit Wilson & Rachel

Thank You Coach Sophia for your patience in coaching my son swimming when he was 3 years old. With your experience and knowledge, he is able to overcome his fear of swimming by a previous coach who fear him by his stressful teaching experience. I will definitely recommend you to other parents who would like their kids to swim safer in mind.

YuZe’s Mum

Coach Sophia is an extremely passionate swim coach. We have known her for over a year and her passion is evident in her coaching whereby the focus is on preparing her students for competitive level as opposed to most other coaches who treat it as a job. She focus on improving the skills of her students by regular training and accommodates on-land trainings to maintain continuous learning which is an integral part of student success. We are blessed to have a passionate swim coach like Sophia and hope that she has great success in this chosen field.

Ellora &Neal’s Mum Mrs Gupta

Since joining the Olympia Swimming Club under Coach Sophia’s guidance our son’s swimming has progressed phenomenally. His technique, fitness and general attitude towards training have improved out of sight. The results are a true testament to the friendly and inclusive culture at Olympia Swimming Club and great respect the kids have for the Coaches.

Gillian Bowman

My older daughter Vedika Fernandez age 9 has been swimming under coach Sophia’s guidance for the last 8 months and as last week my younger daughter Raaya age 5 has also joined the once a week training at Olympia Swimming Club Katong class. Coach Sophia is a dedicated, punctual, firm and excellent Swim coach with a good heart. Once the kids jump into the pool she transforms into a tigress, correcting their strokes, motivating the children to swim faster, with energy and pushes them to achieve greater heights. She knows her students well. Both her capabilities and personalities and knows exactly how to get better results from them. My girls and I have deep respect and appreciation for coach Sophia’s style of teaching and look forward to more swimming time with her.

Candice Louzado Fernandez

Thank you, Coach Sophia, for being a caring and patient coach. Rey has honed his swimming strokes and grown much stronger under your coaching. His passion for swimming has grown with the improvements he experienced personally.

Rey’s mum Jayce

I am very pleased to be writing testimonial for Coach Fan and Olympia Swimming Club. My children joined the club more 3 years ago and first took regular beginner classes and later on moved on to competitive swimming classes. Coach Fan is diligent, tireless and experienced professional. She cares about her swimmers and knows every single one of them well. She is very approachable for parents to discuss strength and weaknesses, new strategies of particular athlete. My children thoroughly enjoy their time with Coach Fan and Olympia Swimming Club.


Coach Sophia has been the swimming instructor for my 3 girls. My youngest Claudia had a fear of putting her head under water. Coach Sophia managed to gain Claudia’s trust within few lessons. Now Claudia is able to immerse under water to pick up toys from the floor of the pool. She is still learning floatation techniques but she can swim freely for a few minutes. Claudia is so confident in the water now that she is able to take the water slides by herself. That’s a big step for a 4 year old! Thank You Coach Sophia.


About 2 years ago my 11 years old daughter, Mia Moreschini almost gave up her dream to become an Olympic Swimmer, due to a different coach which we chose at the time, from who she was taking weekly lessons. Almost by luck we then met Coach Sophiawho came to her rescue. Coach Sophia has been teaching my daughter since then, helping building her confidence, strength and she actively guide her through the different levels and strokes. The skills which Mia has been taught have been noticed and praised by her international school swimming coach too, where sometimes she found herself giving tips on “How to do it” properly within school community. I can’t praise enough Coach Sophia for being my daughter swimming pillar.

Ms Isabella Verdesca